Oval Office Appeal: Five Good Presidential Movies

American presidential flicks

It’s good to be the President, especially if you’re in the movies. Next Tuesday, Lincoln is released on video (do we even say “video” anymore? Streaming?) and not one but TWO movies about attacks on the White House will be gracing the big screen this year. Olympus has Fallen gets released tomorrow (March 22, 2013) […]

Review: True Grit

Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in a John Wayne Remake

THE SETUP: Smartass (in a good way) and independent teen (Hailee Steinfeld) hires “Rooster” Cogburn, a drunk, trigger-happy U.S. Marshall (Jeff Bridges), and a deceptively useless Texas Ranger (Matt Damon) to hunt down the cowardly thief who killed her Pa (Josh Brolin). [youtube]vXCmUEaPQPM[/youtube] THE THOUGHTS: I know producers/directors Cohen Brothers stress this movie is based […]

Review: TRON Legacy

video game movie

Twenty-eight years later, a new Good Film Hunting review…or it feels like it. Sorry, I’ve been spending more time with my other mistress (The Upsell blog) and have been neglecting my duties here. Nothing like nostalgia to bring you back.  TRON is a beautiful girl with not much to say or to add, you like […]

Review: Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges as a country singer

A hard luck movie of a man trying to get through his dark cloud of regret and contempt at the world.  This is a showcase of one man’s experience and his journey shines through all he’s lost.  I wish the movie/characters around him had risen to meet the performance of Jeff Bridges. Jeff Bridges IS […]