Review: Just Go With It – Guest Blog from Chick Flick Guy

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler romantic comedy

THE SETUP: After having his heart broken, Danny (Adam Sandler) turns to a life of lying and womanizing in an effort to avoid any future heartbreak. Along the way, Danny stumbles into love but when his years of lying catch up with him, he turns to long-time assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and her two kids […]

Movie Trailers – Then and Now

movie trailers

Every once in a while, there won’t really be a movie that piques my interest enough to shell out my dollars (sorry, Kate Beckinsale/WhiteOut and Sandra Bullock/lame stalker romcom).  So when this situation occurs, I’ll muse about the industry or try to come up with some entertaining angle. *Speaking of which, if you haven’t answered […]