Review: Bridesmaids

Kristen Wiig and Judd Apatow comedy

THE SETUP: So you think your life sucks? Annie (Kristin Wiig) lives with terrible roommates, has a job only because her mom’s friend took pity on her, is infatuated with a guy that only uses her for sex, and her biggest shot at success was an total failure. A perfect time to help organize her […]

Review: Get Him to the Greek

Jonah Hill Russell Brand rock film

The sorta spin-off, kinda…ish, of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is a grab bag of humour, heart and narcotics. Lots of narcotics. With Get Him to the Greek, Jonah Hill and Russell Brand capture what Judd Apatow (this was produced by him) movies are suppose to be – Gross-out laughs with characters you root for. I can’t […]