Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

Wizard of Oz prequel

THE SETUP: Years before a Kansas girl named Dorothy clicked her ruby slippers, a carny/con-man/magician (James Franco) with delusions of grandeur gets “blown” to a magical world of witches, emerald cities and flying monkeys. Will he prove to be a great man, or fail to even be a good one? THE THOUGHTS: Stories that are dripping […]

DVD Release Rundown: TED, Bourne and Nolan’s First

Mark Wahlberg Mila Kunas and a talking teddy bear

Today’s home releases cover a few movies you might be interested: one of the biggest comedies of the year, an attempt to keep a kickstart an action franchise and the continuing struggles of prehistoric cartoons. Now, to be honest, I haven’t seen the last one, which is the latest in the Ice Age series, so […]

Review: Black Swan

Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman as ballets

With a combination of Natalie Portman’s best performance to date and a captivating storyline, Black Swan is a great thriller that will get under your skin. In a good way. [youtube]5jaI1XOB-bs[/youtube] Director Darren Aronofsky follows up The Wrestler with a ballet horror movie. Can’t say the man likes to play it safe. Intense, emotional, sad. […]

Review: The Book of Eli

Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in post-apocalyptic flick

A post-apocalyptic world of Denzel ass-kicking, Mila annoying and Oldman menacing entertains but doesn’t thrill for two hours.  It just feels like we’ve seen it before, only less biblical.  It’s Mad Denzel: The Road Prophet/Warrior. The Hughes Bros. return from a nine-year absence (last film – From Hell) to bring us The Book of Eli: […]

Review: Extract

Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis in a Mike Judge film

Do you ever feel like you should like a movie more than you do?  Whether it’s the guy belly laughing in the front row that almost drowns out the audio or the girl behind you who feels the need to repeat what just happened to reinforce to herself how funny it was.  Oh yeah, that […]