Pic-A-Flic Video: A Letter to Roger Ebert

death of a movie critic

Yesterday, legendary movie critic and Pulitzer Prize Winner Roger Ebert passed away. He will be greatly missed. I shared my thoughts on his passing in a blog, but I also came across another’s words on what Ebert meant to him. Pic-A-Flic is an iconic video store and long-time fixture in the Cook St. Village area […]

Rental Rundown: Denzel, Psychos and a Warner Bros Buffet

Rental Rundown

It’s the second favouritest day for movie watchers – “rental release Tuesday”, behind “new release Fridays” and ahead of “once in a while in the summer Wednesdays”. Should I be copywriting these names? So looking to the big releases Flight – Come for the crashing planes and director Robert Zemeckis’ return to live action filmmaking. […]

Rental vs Theatre: Where Do You Prefer to Watch Movies?

streaming or going to a film

So you’re at home and there’s a movie that needs seeing. Do you get off your couch and make your way to the local Cineplex or do you tell your cable provider/Apple TV/PS3/etc. that you’d like to rent it? It’s a question that has been burning since the beginning of time (how’s that for exaggeration?) […]