Movie Review of Elysium

Movie Review of Elysium

A few years ago, a new director named Neill Blomkamp was given a small amount of money ($40 million) from Peter Jackson that was apparently suppose to go to some HALO video game movie that never happened. The Vancouver Film School grad to0k that cash and made one of the most innovative and cool sci-fi […]

Review: The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson after death film

A good movie is not created by beautiful visuals and decent acting.  It also must include a fully realized script and emotional connections with its audience, both of which The Lovely Bones sorely lacks. Peter “Hobbit whore” Jackson has tried to cram a novel into a celluloid emotional journey of loss, fate and acceptance and […]

Review: District 9

Aliens living in ghettos rebel

If you see only one alien immigrant apartheid fake docu-drama this year, it’s got to be District 9. District 9 is a fun, far more action-oriented movie than I was anticipating.  Populated by no-name actors (well, not to their moms) and directed by a VFS drop-out, this is probably one of the better summer movies […]