Review: Men in Black 3

THE SETUP: It’s been 12 years since last we met Men in Black agents J and K. Suprisingly, not much has changed as J (Will Smith) is still a wiseass and K (Tommy Lee Jones) is still a curmudgeon (he must be because that word doesn’t get used much) but that all goes for a […]

Review: The Debt

Spies story of a mission gone wrong

THE SETUP: A trio of Mossad secret agents assigned to capture a Nazi war-criminal must deal with the consequences of that mission, 40 years later and the very bad little secret they’ve had to live with. And, if that secret were ever revealed, would pretty much make life suck. THE THOUGHTS: I hadn’t seen an […]

Review: Robin Hood

Russell Crowe and his Merry Men

Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, you won’t feel ripped off by this Robin Hood summer blockbuster. Ridley Scott teams up with Russell Crowe for the fourth time to give us the latest version of Robin Longstride…or is it Loxley…or Hood. A film that doesn’t try to hard to be any thing […]