Review: Jack Reacher

Lee Child military cop

THE SETUP: A former military cop (Tom Cruise) with society issues is asked to investigate the murder of a bunch of people by a guy he already charged with doing the same thing years ago. THE THOUGHTS: As with any movie based on a book, it’s always important to state whether you read the source […]

Review: Barney’s Version

Paul Giamatti and wife problems

THE SETUP: Grumpy Canadian soap opera producer (Paul Giamatti) recounts the story of his life, from Italy to Montreal, and how his three wives (Rachelle Lefebre,   Minnie Driver and Rosamund Pike), his druggy best friend (Scott Speedman) and his blunt, former cop dad (Dustin Hoffman) impacted him. [youtube]1Z52vBL3zlc[/youtube] THE THOUGHTS: First off, this is one […]

Review: Surrogates

Bruce Willis science fiction

A great science fiction concept that never quite goes far enough as a movie.  It’s like the movie is using a surrogate when the real movie would have been so much better. We live in a world where people spend hours on the computer to have more “real” relationships online than they do five feet […]