Review: Despicable Me

Steve Carrell Jason Segal animated film

Dark, fun, jaw-dropping animation eye-candy that may be evil and despicable but it also provides a warm, action-filled 90 minutes at the movie theatre…I just would have liked a little more connection to the characters, but just a little. First-time directors (at least I’m calling them that because they really haven’t done much) make a […]

Review: Get Him to the Greek

Jonah Hill Russell Brand rock film

The sorta spin-off, kinda…ish, of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is a grab bag of humour, heart and narcotics. Lots of narcotics. With Get Him to the Greek, Jonah Hill and Russell Brand capture what Judd Apatow (this was produced by him) movies are suppose to be – Gross-out laughs with characters you root for. I can’t […]