Movie Review of Evil Dead (2013)

Horror Movie 2013

A movie review of Evil Dead, 2013 edition…For anyone that’s been reading this blog over the years, you’ll know I’m really not a horror fan. And by “fan,” I mean gore and crap jumping out  just doesn’t make me a happy movie-goer. Thankfully, I’ve called in the big guns. Moving forward, hopefully if she has […]

Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

Wizard of Oz prequel

THE SETUP: Years before a Kansas girl named Dorothy clicked her ruby slippers, a carny/con-man/magician (James Franco) with delusions of grandeur gets “blown” to a magical world of witches, emerald cities and flying monkeys. Will he prove to be a great man, or fail to even be a good one? THE THOUGHTS: Stories that are dripping […]