Review: The Debt

Spies story of a mission gone wrong

THE SETUP: A trio of Mossad secret agents assigned to capture a Nazi war-criminal must deal with the consequences of that mission, 40 years later and the very bad little secret they’ve had to live with. And, if that secret were ever revealed, would pretty much make life suck. THE THOUGHTS: I hadn’t seen an […]

Review: Clash of the Titans

Sam Worthington mythological film

Swords, sorcery and CGI make up this updated version of the 1981 original Clash of the Titans. Looks great, cool creatures and great fight scenes are all that hold up this badly written and unmotivated movie. Director Louis Leterrier puts Avatar’s Sam Worthington in a chestplate and a dress to fight Greek gods and fantastic […]

Review: Avatar

Awesome in the literal sense.  Full of awe.  An interesting way of using the latest in CGI to show the beauty of nature, this movie truly brought me to a fully realized world and made me care about characters that weren’t actually there in a place that didn’t actually exist. Labeled “the most expensive movie […]