Rental Rundown: Denzel, Psychos and a Warner Bros Buffet

Rental Rundown

It’s the second favouritest day for movie watchers – “rental release Tuesday”, behind “new release Fridays” and ahead of “once in a while in the summer Wednesdays”. Should I be copywriting these names? So looking to the big releases Flight – Come for the crashing planes and director Robert Zemeckis’ return to live action filmmaking. […]

Review: Seven Psychopaths

THE SETUP: A screen writer (Colin Farrell) having a hard time writing his script for a movie called “Seven Psychopaths” suddenly finds himself in the middle of some psychotic behaviour courtesy of his best friend (Sam Rockwell), his business partner (Christopher Walken) and guy that loves his dog a little too much (Woody Harrelson). Wonder if it’ll help […]