Review: Side Effects

Steven Soderbergh drug murder mystery

THE SETUP: Wouldn’t it suck if your whole life was shattered when your husband is sent to prison? There’s therapy for that. Wouldn’t it suck more if you lose everything while waiting four years for him to get out of prison? There’s a drug for that. Wouldn’t it suck the most if you then kill […]

Review: Contagion

fear and a virus threaten the population

THE SETUP: A woman (Gwenyth Paltrow) returning from a business trip in Japan unknowingly starts a contagious disease chain-reaction that threatens the global population. This is the story of how the world, and individuals, react. I always knew Paltrow would cause the end of the world. THE THOUGHTS: OK, this is freaky. And I don’t […]

Missed or Forgotten: Jennifer Lopez

Missed and forgotten movies

THE SETUP: You could almost hear the nail in the coffin when Jennifer Lopez decided to do the generic romantic comedy The Wedding Planner. Before that, she was doing some pretty great films – sexy, original, edgy, dark…all the good stuff. Unfortunately, once she hit “romcom” status, we soon were blasted with Jenny from the […]