Review: The A-Team

Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper TV film

Yes, Hollywood has run out of original ideas. Yes, now ‘80s TV shows are being mined for content. Yes, yes, yes if they do them like this. I can’t say I’m looking forward to a Family Ties or Punky Brewster but taking the already cartoonish characters of Hannibal, Face, B.A. and Howlin’ Mad Murdoch and […]

Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

John Cusack time travel 80s film

A well intentioned buddy comedy that will have more value to you if you remember the 1980s  or if you can identify with any of the characters. Unfortunately, a few obvious “gross-out” moments detracted from the time traveling. With one of the best movie names, Hot Tub Time Machine tries to capture the vibe of The Hangover […]