Movie Review of Oblivion

Movie Review of Oblivion

THE SETUP: So a big intergalactic war for Earth is over, which your side won, but your stuck on clean up duty until you can catch up to all the cool kids who have left the planet. There’s only two weeks to go until “bye bye” so shouldn’t now be a good time to get […]

Review: Jack Reacher

Lee Child military cop

THE SETUP: A former military cop (Tom Cruise) with society issues is asked to investigate the murder of a bunch of people by a guy he already charged with doing the same thing years ago. THE THOUGHTS: As with any movie based on a book, it’s always important to state whether you read the source […]

Review: Knight and Day

Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz spy film

A movie that delivers on its comedy while the action was so green-screened, it felt contrived and fake. It was like watching a film about a summer blockbuster (not a good thing for 10 bucks). James Mangold has directing some fantastic, engaging character studies…whether through quiet moments or intense action. Some of those winners included […]