Review: Lincoln

Steven Spielberg's bio pic of 13th president

THE SETUP: You want to end slavery but the Civil War is raging, the Senate is divided, you’ve got a few months until your assassinated and you look like Daniel Day-Lewis…what’s a president to do? THE THOUGHTS: The easy recommendation is to go for Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance. As soon as the movie ends, you’re brain just […]

Review: Men in Black 3

THE SETUP: It’s been 12 years since last we met Men in Black agents J and K. Suprisingly, not much has changed as J (Will Smith) is still a wiseass and K (Tommy Lee Jones) is still a curmudgeon (he must be because that word doesn’t get used much) but that all goes for a […]

Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel Comics World War 2 hero

THE SETUP: A manly-deficient man named Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) would give anything to fight for his country, unfortunately his body doesn’t match the size of his courage. That is until an experiment transforms him into a super duper soldier…good timing too because the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and a secret Nazi group are trying […]